The Keep Cathays Tidy Map of Cathays is an ongoing effort to highlight all the spaces that our community litter pick, add wildflowers to, highlight projects spaces such as ‘Planting Cathays’ and the planting boxes initiative which is made out out of recoverable materials and a good source of the compost comes from the residents gardens (as do some of the indigenous wildflowers).

With Green Space in cities becoming more and more finite – millions of Brits are endeavouring to make the best of their locale and improve the biodiversity support as well as the built environment.

This map was created by residents of Cathays to highlight the main target areas and support greater co-ordination of residents, local businesses, faith groups, voluntary bodies and others to work together to improve the district.


The Keep Cathays Tidy Map of Cathays:

This map will develop over the 2017-2029 period to highlight all the positive attributes and projects as they unravel in our fair district.

The KCT: Shapes will show you the various different volunteers across Cathays who look after their little patch of Cathays.

Please do get in touch with or contact KCT via the Facebook/Twitter social to highlight your ‘shape’ of your area of Cathays.