The Keep Cathays Tidy Map of Cathays is an ongoing effort to highlight all the various families, faith groups, local businesses and volunteers efforts to ‘Keep Cathays Tidy’.

This map was created by residents of Cathays to highlight the main target areas and support greater co-ordination of residents, local businesses, faith groups, voluntary bodies and others to work together to improve the district.

The Keep Cathays Tidy Map of Cathays:

This map will develop over the 2017-2029 period to highlight all the positive attributes and projects as they unravel in our fair district.

The KCT: Shapes will show you the various different volunteers across Cathays who look after their little patch of Cathays.

KCT Gower Cathays – Crwys Road, Local families in Gower Cathays, The Co-Op Food volunteers, Highfields Church and others working together to keep Gower Cathays area litter free.

KCT Friends of Cathays Cemetery – our intrepid volunteers from FoCC undertake litter picks of the cemetery site to ensure it is clean for all its visitors.

KCT Maindy – several of our families there undertake their own litter picks around the long Maindy Road, occasionally the primary schools get involved with these litter picks.

KCT Quad – Rhymney Street, Coburn Street, Harriet Street have its own families/individuals who partake in litter picks of their own parts of the streets. By leading by example other families who witness this have also began cleaning up their own patch now.

KCT Triangle – Al Manar Centre volunteers with local families/ residents to keep St Andrews Lane, bottom of Senghennydd Road, Salisbury Road etc. to keep the litter reduced in the area.

Please do get in touch with Keep Cathays Tidy via the Facebook/Twitter social to highlight to tell us how many bags you fill a month (even if its just one litter bag a month per family – 50 families doing their own patch makes a big difference) or tell us about your ‘shape’ of your area of Cathays.