With a hive of residents involved with gardening, planting around your community, beekeeping, green space improvements, wildlife sanctuary maintenance, invasive species removal and biological monitoring; Cathays has the potential to be a strong biodiveristy hub in Cardiff. All these wonderful tiny steps all add up to something more positive to protect the Biodiversity of Cathays.

Across Cathays many families/residents, faith groups and local businesses/charities are involved in the planting initiative with an aim to add 1000’s of indigenous wildflowers across many parts of Cathays.

This will support front garden improvements, empower the locals with experience, connect up residents, and community ownership of the biodiversity enhancements we wish to establish across all of Cathays.

Over recent years there has been universal support/input/ideas from the following groups to see a biodiversity and green space improvements in Cathays in the 2020’s from:

  • Cathays Residents; significant number of families and professionals in your neighbourhood.
  • Cathays Heritage Library
  • Cathays Community Centre
  • Christian faith groups
  • Muslim faith groups
  • Buddhist faith group
  • Elderly support centres
  • Vulnerable/disabled groups
  • Cathays Primary Schools
  • Friends of Cathays Cemetery
  • Friends of Bute Parks
  • Cathays Compass
  • Your Cathays Newsletter

At present Cathays Compass is applying for funding for the 1000’s of wildflowers, dozens of shrubs, digging /fixing tools & gardening tools, litter pickers etc.

A significant ethos of the project is it being people driven with our families, our children, our elders and all other groups involved. With many of our vulnerable, refugees or disabled slowly getting involved with our community events and efforts – we have a real opportunity now for community empowerment and a feeling of ownership of these projects.

Updates on the project:

Updates will be posted on social media, the ‘Cathays Monthly Update’ and the hardcopy ‘Your Cathays Newsletter’. The most important avenue is word-of-mouth from the many of you who have actively participated in multiple projects.