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‘Keep Cathays Tidy: Shapes’

About KCT: Keep Cathays Tidy

Keep Cathays Tidy (KCT) was initiated by a Gelligaer resident in the mid 2010’s to help us all overcome the issues of waste, litter, dumping and improving the aesthetics of all Cathays. 

Empowering people is a major key in KCT move forward. All the various litter picks, where our families take their children out (borrowing and returning the Litter Picking equipment from Cathays Library) to their own respective patches of Cathays to undertake litter picks. Additionally the excellent ‘Love where you live’ campaign takes our primary schools out on litter picks. All the data is collated (how many volunteers, how many bags of rubbish collected) from everyone’s efforts to show our community efforts.


Tips to Keep Cathays Tidy

The following ideas have been contributed by neighbours across Cathays (and wider Cardiff) to help keep our beautiful City as clean as humanely possible!

Tip 1: Give your unwanted items to your neighbours!

Many of you have items such as 3 piece suite, an over, washing machine, clothes – families, professionals and students of Cathays:

The ethos is  Reduce – Recycle – Reuse – Regift – Relove  (The Cardiff Reuse Project)

Please consider joining this group if you have items you wish to give away (FOR FREE) which if you list your item in the group – someone in Cardiff will want it! It is for people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in and across Cardiff. It’s all about reusing and keeping good stuff out of landfills.

This is an excellent tool for:

  • Family leaving homes and wish to give away goods to those who can benefit from them.
  • End of term students – “the big digs clear out! / Gte out of Cardiff” campaign

The Facebook page is: Cardiff Reuse Project.


Tip 2: Put your correct bins out on the Tuesday evening/very early Wednesday mornings.

Check out the Cardiff Council website link for information of what bins go out on YOUR street for the next few weeks. or check the KCT Bin Days page! You can download the Cathays bin schedule for Sept 2019-Aug 2020 here, or click on the image on the right.

The Pink Sticker initiative being rolled out across the city, by Cardiff Council in Spring 2020 will be a 5 step process to raise awareness of when households are not putting correct waste in correct green bags, kerbside caddies, non-recyclable rubbish bags etc. Those that do not adhere to the guidance by the 5th step will be fined. More information on the KCT Bin Days page.


Tip 3: Stopping your waste bags getting torn overnight.

In Cathays we generally put waste out on Tuesday night (after 5pm). So ………. put your (each fortnight when you put all the waste out) Green Recycling Bins on the floor alongside your kerbside Caddy – and put the non-recyclate waste (in red/white bags) ON TOP of the green bags – this should reduce the amount of bags getting torn open by seagulls and vermin.


Tip 4: Washing out your kitchen/kerbside caddies:

There is simple steps like flushing out your kitchen and kerbside caddies with hot soapy water that will help reduce smells and attract unwanted attention from vermin. In this video a resident washes out the kerbside caddies for the families, professionals and students on the street.

On several streets now, this practice is being followed by the neighbours that can observe your example and help improving the hygiene of the kerbside caddies – and your street!


Tip 5: Listen/watch your neighbours:

(Ahem!! Hinted at our student population) If you get lost on which bins to put out for ‘bin day’ and you can not find your Cathays Bin Day Calendar; then simply look outside at what your neighbours are doing (what colour bin bags they are putting out) – particularly the wiser elders of the village.

Our demographic is re-emerging as more families are returning to Cathays (with fifty babies born to Cathays in the 2010’s, the nurseries are filling up etc – yes families are returning to Cathays!) and many are supportive of kindly telling people what is correct green bag/kerbside caddy OR green bag/kerbside caddy/yellow & white bags must go out on Tuesday nights!!  


Tip 6: Check the KCT social media.

This will highlight the recent developments to see all our community clean up efforts. Please click on the FB and Tw emblems floating across your screen now.



‘Keep Cathays Tidy: Shapes’

We strongly encourage all of you to ‘clean up outside your own homes, shops and community centres, Parishes, Churches and Mosques. Many of you now partake in your own Keep Cathays Tidy: Shapes localised group – just literally cleaning up outside your own homes and nearby street. As other families and young professionals witness people leading by example – there are more people slowly joining in and doing their own bit.

Some of you may wish to set up street-wide regular clean up’s to encourage your neighbours to keep your patch clean.

You are certainly welcome to contact us and we’ll add your street/streets or patch to the Keep Cathays Tidy shapes.

At present there are groups forming in the respective patches of Cathays, who are slowly coalescing together to keep their part of Cathays tidy.