Welcome to ‘the Keep Cathays Tidy’ website


A voluntary effort and partnership of our combined families, professionals, the local faith groups, schools, community centres, local businesses and YOU !!


Aiming for one large group litter pick on the second Saturday of each month – we are now branching off into additional smaller groups of: or family led litter picks, school litter picks, planters & growers efforts, collaborating with other ‘tidy local groups’ and much more besides!

The image on the left depicts the 2019 + 2020 KCT litter picking dates – please do download the 2019 + 2020 Litter Pick dates by clicking here.


Please keep up to date with our Facebook and Twitter pages!.

Please click here for Facebook KCT regular events: Keep up to date with locations/dates of our regular community litter picks:

Keep Cathays Tidy [KCT] has been created by the residents, faith groups, local councillors, local businesses and other volunteers. The simple mission statement is to improve the appearance and aesthetics of Cathays.

Improving the appearance of Cathays does not just entail doing a mass litter pick, it is about everyone taking citizenship responsibility and pride in their own respective streets. By working in collaboration with different people and organisations across Cathays we are all contributing towards local projects.

With more families, faith groups and local business getting involved with local biodiversity projects, litter picking and other collaborative social projects; Cathays is really pulling together in the 2010’s and 2020’s.

Monthly Litter Pick Meeting:

Keep Cathays Tidy volunteers meet on the second Saturday or every month – check the Facebook KCT page and/or Twitter KCT¬†page for updates. This is also YOUR opportunity to voice your opinion on what areas of Cathays should be tackled !! Get involved and “make a difference” (quote: Cardiff Rivers Group).